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Estate Sales of San Miguel 

Professional Estate Sale Services

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Estate Sales of San Miguel handles on site estate sales which are an efficient and profitable way to sell everything from household items, automobiles, antiques, collectibles and everything in between. From everyday use items, high end antiques, and even the strange and unusual, we are equipped to handle it all.   

Estate Sales of San Miguel has the expertise and knowledge necessary to make your sale run smoothly and successfully. Best of all, we do not charge you a dime upfront. In fact, we work on commission only! We are excellent at what we do. In fact, we are so sure of the success of your sale that we do not even require a minimum guarantee like many of our competitors. Estate Sales of San Miguel specializes in handling on-site estate sales in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico however we can arrange sales throughout Mexico and the United States.  For any sales in South Florida, we recommend our affiliate company, Estate Sales of South Florida. 


Estate Sales of San Miguel works with seniors and their adult children, homeowners, estate executors, and trustees to evaluate, sell and completely, quickly, and profitably clear out the contents of the family home.    


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Here’s the next step 

1. Contact Evan at +52-415-178-4030 in Mexico or on WhattsApp or call our US number, +1-954-232-7597, or email at 

2. Determine which items you may want to keep so you can identify these for us during your consultation. (We decline or accept  the sale based on the items that we see during the consultation.)

3. Do not throw anything away! We can help you identify what is sellable and what is not. Most items are sellable!


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